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Does 5G cause COVID-19

Last Updated: 14th May 2020

Is 5G technology creating the COVID-19 virus?

Radio waves are unable to create or transmit a virus. This is something we have known for some time and nothing about the spread of COVID-19 suggests this has changed. Whilst a radio wave can have an effect on an organism, it does not have godlike powers to create or transmit an organism. We don't yet know how organisms come into existence, but we do know it's not from 5G technology.

Is the virus real or is COVID-19 a health condition caused by 5G?

Some have questioned if COVID-19 is actually a virus and not merely some other illness that might have been caused by radio waves. This has also been demonstrated to be false. COVID-19 has been physically observed under microscopes all over the world. The entity is clearly a virus of the Corona family, and analysis of its genome shows it has likely come from bats.

It's also important to consider that in order for this rumour to be true, virtually every government, laboratory, doctor and nurse would have to be in on the conspiracy. As well as long lists of universities, civil societies and multi-laterals. This seems unlikely, particularly considering there would be no motivation for these groups to fabricate this story, let alone the amount of effort and coordination that would take.

5G is a new technology so we can't know for sure it's not causing COVID-19?

Radio waves are one of the most studied areas of physics and are responsible for much of the technology we've benefited from in the 20th and 21st century. Radio waves can be classed as either ionised or non-ionised. Non-ionised radio waves are unable to ionise atoms or molecules and are considered safe. 5G fits comfortably within this non-ionised spectrum. In fact, 5G radio waves are safer than both previous 4G and 3G technologies. This is because the higher the frequency, the less it can penetrate something like your body.

Those concerned about 5G often correlate 'high frequency' with 'high danger'. But this is not necessarily true. For example visible light is an even higher frequency than 5G. This means a large 60" high powered modern TV is bombarding your body with higher frequency wavelengths than 5G and with much greater power than a 5G antenna emits. Yet TV is currently considered safe. The same is true of satellite waves. These are higher frequency than 5G and because of the distance between earth and space, are broadcast with higher power. But for decades there have been no ill effects correlated with satellites.

As with any area, there are a few scientists who have raised concerns. Yet after reviewing these concerns, so far no credible scientific body has found them valid. It's also important to recognise there's a high incentive for physicists, doctors, radiation safety organisations, universities and governments to check and double check the safety of such claims. Not only do many of these groups exist to benefit and not harm society. But they are directly effected by the results of their own findings. They have a bias to find the danger in these claims. If 5G was dangerous, or even if there was a serious hint that it could be dangerous, it is unlikely so many professionals would not speak up and knowingly allow themselves and those they love to be radiated with damaging radio waves.

But COVID-19 has showed up in the same places as 5G installations?

Infectious diseases are likely to spread through cities with higher population densities. These same cities are also likely to have the latest technology. If you were to map infectious disease spread next to cities with the latest technology, at any point in history these maps would usually look similar. When people draw conclusions from these type of comparisons, researchers refer to this as 'causation vs correlation error'. It is accurate to say that COVID-19 has a correlation to cities with 5G. But it is not accurate to say COVID-19 is caused by 5G. There is evidence for one, but not for another. The website Spurious Correlations takes a comedic look at conclusions you can form if you ignore this error. For example:

As described above, there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 is related in any way to 5G technology. In fact, COVID-19 spread easily through countries like Japan who did not have any activated 5G. People seem to be drawing this conclusion based on fear about the new technology rather than existing evidence.


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