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This platform seeks to provide the best possible support to improve both the health and economic outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic. All contributions are welcome to better serve this goal. Please don't hesitate to send through relevant info using the form below. Before submitting, please make sure to check the accuracy of any information against reliable data sources, journals and other relevant publications.

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Creative Content + Media

Last Updated: 14th May 2020

Explore categories below for content from brilliant creatives, journalists and thinkers around the world.


How does COVID-19 work?

What happens to the body when someone gets COVID-19?

COVID-19 Explained


Things we can do

Limiting the spread

How to protect yourself

Why social distance?


Resources for kids

Baby shark handwash challenge

Wash your hands song

COVID-19 Kids Explainer

Safety steps explained for kids

COVID-19 Storybook for Kids


Stories from the world

COVID-19 from Space

Photographers Capture COVID-19

Impacts of Testing

Home isolation experiences around the world

Different countries, different responses

Hospitals around the word

COVID-19 in China


Those Struggling

Behind the Scenes of Italy's Outbreak

Behind the Scenes of a New York Hospital

The impacts on developing countries

When pandemics hit war zones

COVID-19 in India



One World: Together at Home

Bringing out our best selves

Alone Together

COVID-19 Les Miserables Parody